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Fear Would Tell Me...

As children, we looked at our parents for guidance and support. When we were very young we trusted their judgment. We knew everything they said to be truth. As we aged, we allowed other influences to interrupt their voices and their guidance. The influences seemed to be more fun and much easier.

As a human, we allow influences to get into our head. We believe that things become impossible. We rationalize and calculate. We map out our future as if we have any control over it.

I was wondering the other day, could I be in a season of harvest and a season of sowing at the same time? I believe that I am. I am having to sow seeds of love and kindness in areas my flesh wants to spread hate. If you would allow me to be honest, this is the biggest spiritual battle I am facing at the moment. While I am fighting the battle of love vs. hate, I am increasing in understanding and knowledge. This is a season that I am harvesting all of the things that he has placed in my spirit. I am harvesting strength. I am harvesting the knowledge. I am harvesting old dreams that he has planted in my heart. I am harvesting hearing His voice. All the while, he is trusting me to continue sowing.

I choose to sow into others what he places in my spirit. I choose to sow kindness, I choose to sow in strength. I choose to sow into my daily life by placing my feet where the Lord guides me. As a young child looking to their parent for judgment, truth, and guidance, I choose to trust in the Lord my God.

Fear says that God is not in control. Fear would have me believe that this pain is without purpose. Fear would have me believe that division is the only answer. Fear would have me believe that this is the final word. But as Zach Williams sings to remind us, “fear is a liar”.

I choose to decrease pride. I choose to decrease worldly understanding. I choose to decrease worldly plotting and scheming. I choose to decrease fear.

I choose to increase in the understanding that God is consistently placing in my heart. I choose to increase in His directions. I choose to increase faith. I choose God.

Jacquelynn Marie

Ghost Writer: Holy Spirit

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