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I decrease. You increase.

We sit, we pray. We fear, we pray. We cry, we pray. We stand, we pray. We hope, we pray. We trust, we pray. We fight, we pray. We believe, we pray. We conquer, we pray. God has not and will not leave me nor forsake me. His plans are to prosper us. All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

As humans, we discount God’s word as a “cliche” or just weightless words. That is the most dangerous decision we could ever make. God’s word is direction. God’s word is strength. God’s word is promise.

Holy Spirit will guide us in every situation. We do not have to speak our opinions. We do not have to take control. We decrease. We decrease fear, anxiety, control, and we allow Holy Spirit to increase direction, knowledge, and wisdom.

My life… my life has been full of division. As a young child, we went through custody battles. It was as if we were supposed to choose which parent we were allowed to love and when we were allowed to love them. I do not believe that was the intent of our parents, but division affects children in this way. We have to make a decision.

This is what the enemy will tell the children of God. He will tell us that we must remain divided. THIS IS A LIE. God’s Word tells us to love our enemy. His word tells us to pray for those who would spitefully use us. The enemy cannot have my mind. He cannot have my love. He cannot take my faith for healing and restoration.

In the end of this battle, we will love in a way that no man could ever fathom. There will be healing in the hearts of everyone. Brokenness that has been buried will be mended. The words “step” “adopted” “half” “in-law”, they will be pointless. These words will no longer matter as they did before. They will be my brothers and sisters. There will no longer be division. There will be perfect peace that only God can understand. There will be pure love. There will be many more people added into God’s Kingdom.

Dear God,

Thank you for your promise of healing and restoration. Thank you for the salvation that comes in this process. Thank you for moving us from glory to glory to glory. YOU, YOU are a great God. Thank you for healing our hearts and healing our relationships. Thank you for freedom. Thank you for ministry. Thank you for instruction and guidance. Thank you for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Thank you for supernatural strength against the enemy. Thank you for ordering my steps and allowing me to understand that YOU are in control. Thank you for power over the enemy. Thank you for your plans. This situation is as light as a feather. You are a perfect Father. Thank you for your perfect peace. I choose you.

Jacquelynn Marie

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