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Living Waters Bridge Ranch

I just wanted to talk about this place for a moment. I have had the honor of seeing this farm and what it is about. On this farm, I have witnessed the people that are welcomed in. Every person that has walked in was flooded with love. At this ranch, they have a Special Olympics program and an equine education program that allows her clients to brush, feed, ride, etc. Their clients do not pay a penny. They entirely rely on God and the donation he brings in. Yes, this is a complete faith-based program. They teach faith and strength through the program. This ranch has the heart to make changes.

I asked a parent with a client there what the ranch does for her.

She responded, "They bring smiles to everyone. They have a variety of animals and things to do. There is something to please everyone. We come in certain moods but always leave in a better one. My child and I have built a better relationship since coming here."

I asked Mrs. Laura Bosco, the founder, and her reply was,

"The way I see it, when we help a person, we help a family. When we help a family, we help a community. When we help a community, we change the world."

What are you able to do with the horses?

"Look, love, brush on them, feed, educate, ride them."

How many clients does the ranch have?

"Special Olympics has 20. In another program, we have 12, and a third program has another 20."

Are you taking more clients?


What are your future plans for the ranch?

We are building a dormitory that allows individuals to live. Potentially, a camp program for people to visit and to meet multiple needs.

How can someone donate?

"Through Zelle or Come by and see. You can drop things off and see the farm."

If you would like to donate food, come by or call 8508665418.

If you want to donate money... send them below.

This place is genuinely life-changing.

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