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Lord, Send a Dream

Holy Spirit has been talking to me about “dreams” making the change in many situations in the Bible. I thought of Joseph and how a dream placed him in an auction. Then, eventually, a dream released him from prison. I began to pray, “Lord, send dreams! Send dreams!” Day after day I receive a phone call from someone that they have had a dream. Everyday, a new dream and a different person. Still, I was still broken hearted and afraid,

Then, today, I went into my prayer closet. I told God, “I am scared.” I continued to pray. I reminded him of people in the Bible who were released from their situation. I try not to ask God to show me things to come; I feel as if that is an answer I have not earned. Today, however, I needed hope. I prayed, I worshiped. I came out of my prayer closet and I opened an old journal. As I was flipping pages, the Lord told me to go back and read a specific page that was written before any current situations took place.

This is what it read…

“God has encouraged me with the knowledge that he’ll give dreams to those who do not know any part of a story. George Muller (a man worth researching, God did great things in his life) went to the same home three times to inquire about a piece of land, but he could not connect with the owner. The night before he finally did, the Lord sent the owner a dream telling him to drop the price.

Holy Spirit keeps telling me, ‘Jacob, Jacob, Jacob’. So, I read more about Jacob. As Jacob fled from his father-in-law, God sent him a dream! ‘Do not speak to Jacob good or bad.’

‘Then Laban overtook Jacob.’ 29 ‘It is in the power of my hand to do you hurt: but the God of your father spoke to me last night and told me to take heed to not speak good or bad.’ Genesis 31:29

‘It was in the power of my hand’. The world would tell us that Jacob was wrong, but we do not stand by the world’s standards. God will protect us against man.”

The way God has instructed me to pray has been confirmed and confirmed. The prayers being answered have flooded my way. God has provided instruction, strength, hope, and promise. Now, it is my job to receive it.

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