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Mission Molded

Over the past week, I have had moments of rage. I have been angry. So angry. I walked through the living room and T.D. Jakes happens to be preaching a sermon titled “Road Rage”. I was unaware of the title at the time, but the words he was speaking preached right into that rage that I felt. I only listened to a part of it. Later, I went back to listen to the rest of the sermon.

That morning, I had to make a decision to step into public. Some know, walking in public is difficult for me right now. But, my mom made me. She said, "We cannot allow the enemy to isolate us in the home." So, we went to church. We made a decision to face people and go to church. I would not have done that without her. I would have been isolated. It is my default. I went to church and I listened.

After the service, God connected the sermon by T.D. Jakes and the sermon preached at church. What God showed me is that I am meant to be a leader. As a leader, I cannot hang my head down because people do not understand. I cannot hang my head because people may have a different opinion.

I am called to lead. That much has been in my spirit for a long time. But, the enemy would tell me to isolate myself. As a leader, people won’t always agree. I have to accept that with humility and move forward. God has prophesied over me many times not to look to the left or to the right. Do not let the opinions of others dictate who I am. Do not let the opinions of others dictate how I view myself. Do not let the laws of the church dictate whether I follow the leading of the Lord.

I have been different my entire life. I have always viewed things from a different perspective. I understand now. I am meant to see things the way that I do. It is a part of my ministry. So, just because I hear things differently and I see things differently does not mean either one of us is wrong. It means we have revelations molded to our mission.

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