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Product of Our Raising

The Lord has been nudging me to examine Job’s friends a little more closely. They are generally the villains in a sermon, because they tell Job that it is all his fault. They express that he must be wrong in some form, otherwise, the Lord would not allow these things to happen to him. What Holy Spirit has been whispering to me is that they are a product of their raising. They were taught to believe this way, therefore, they did. They did not understand that God had a purpose for this. How could they? They are not God.

God has been using the phrase “a new thing” frequently. The word “new” is quite hard for many christians to accept. In my experience, it is difficult to allow new things, because the enemy is so slick. This is where seeking the face of God comes in. We cannot be closed off to a new thing. We must seek God and allow Him to speak regarding the situation.

When I say this, I am not saying anyone is “wrong”. I am saying that we are all a product of our raising. We place a shield around what we know is right and that is the place we teach and live out of. What happens though when God moves in a way we do not understand? Do we ask God for discernment? Do we ask God for spiritual eyes? Or are we carnal and protective over what we’ve done for so many years?

To be clear, this is not directed at any persons. It has been on repeat in my head recently, so I decided to obey God.

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